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[NL2-NL10] Did I have the odds?

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    • rex99
      Joined: 20.11.2008 Posts: 4,856
      #1 i think you go here for FD and GS, so you had 4 outs for the GS and 8 outs for the FD.

      12 outs, flop to river is equal 1:1 odds.

      pot odds = 2,46 (1,75+1,2/1,2)

      So, your push w the draws was +ev.

      #2 here i think you can go for the overcards+gs

      10 outs ( 4 fives, 3 K, 3 A)

      odds flop to river is equal to 1,5:1

      i stop here because i think the hand was misconverted: let's take a look

      pré-flop: raise to 0.50
      flop: raise to 0.60

      at pré-flop your stack was $2,19, bets were $1,1 lefting $1,09 not $1,69


      on the flop your cbet should be $0,75 which was more than half of your ramaining stack, so you should have pushed directly instead of cbetting.

      That situation was really good for you due the draws.

      sorry for the long explanations, something maybe wrong or so, let's wait for some experienced opinions...

      regarding to #3, i was not shure, because of this i did not put my opinion here.

    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,107
      Hey MickeyDD,

      I haven't seen you yet on the SSS forum, so welcome!


      I prefer to just shove preflop with 20BB stack.

      As played, you have 12+ outs for FD, GS and OCs so you are the favorite to win the hand thus you have to go broke.

      It's already in the articles, that when you are the preflop aggressor and you hit a draw with 8+ outs(OESD, FD or better) you should play your hand as if you had a made hand and most of the time that's the most profitable play.


      In this hand you can fairly safe count with 10 outs which give ~40% equity while you only need 25.5% breakeven equity after the c-bet, so easy shove.


      Here again you have a FD and should play as made hand again according to the articles, however this aren't so simple from advanced point of view.

      If we presume villain reraises Ax, 99 or 55, then you have 39.7% equity against his range. If he reraises K:heart: x hands as well, then you have even more equity against him. However, you need 41.6% breakeven equity in given situation, so you see, it's really close and in this particular case folding would be slightly better, but also shoving according to basic articles wouldn't be a big mistake and is probably the best play if you don't have time to make calculations, because if stack/bet sizes were slightly different you would already have a +EV shove.

      P.S.: Next time I'd like to ask you to post each hand individually, because then judges have better overview on each individual hand and can give better evaluation.