Can someone explain to me about bonuses?

    • markiepoop
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      Hey, i recently registered at Pokerstrategy, have yet to receive my $50.

      I allocated the free $50 startup to Titanpoker.

      After browsing through these forums for hours :) , i read certain poker blogs and found out something called "bonus". Like $650 cash bonuses, and about buying instant cash bonuses.

      Could someone explain to me what are they?

      And how to obtain them at TitanPoker?
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    • CoreySteel
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      This goes like this...

      By playing on real money tables on Titan, you receive points for each hand when you were dealt a hand and when rake was taken. Doesn't matter if you fold preflop or went to showdown.

      So you collect and collect these points and when you have enough of them, you can trade them for cash bonuses in Titan's "shop."

      2000 Titan Points are worth 10$ Cash bonus, 6500 TP are worth 45$, etc..

      More here:
    • Hahaownedlolz
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      all sites have a deposit bonus usualy up to $600. but you would have to deposit that much. and then play ALOT of poker probably giving them 5 times that amount in rake till you unlock it. (i dont know how much the actual amount is but it comes down to that you payed them more then $600 in rake till you actualy receive it.)

      the cash bonusses are explained above. you grind and grind and slowly receive points at those micro limits. and eventualy you can spend them on cash bonusses or items. you shouldn't really be thinking about spending them soon since the more points you trade in the better it gets..

      you basicaly just get some of the rake you paid back through the points systems