Opening raise in small blind

    • RoundMidnight
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      hey ,guys .What is your open raise range from small blind?( in 6max shorthanded game,vs more or less unknown full stack)in some coaching videos i seen that it's opening very light ,like from the button,but ins't it too loose and more or less -EV?
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    • NickNick83
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      Play, play, play... get a feel for the game. One might say this or that amount of blinds, but in the end it depends on your style and comfort zone.

      The conditions you refer look like the beggining of the game so I would start with a light raise, to see what I'm up against. No minimum raises though, they're useless! Even with pocket monsters, you're asking for trouble. This also depends on what I have in the hole. With six players I've got a bigger range of cards to raise with, but in your case the game's starting and you're out of position. Your cards will tell you how much they're worth. Ask them, works for me... :f_biggrin:
    • thebigheizung85
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      i would play considerably tighter in the SB than in any other position... but if i have a hand that is just to good to be folded preflop i openraise 3x

      on the BU i sometimes just openraise 2,5x but the position is so much better, that it is ok to do so