Confused about quiz

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    • Pacer357
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      If you don´t want the money what´s the meaning of learning to play?
      You could buy a book, You won´t learn how to play just by taking a quiz it takes a lot more work than so. The most important thing is experience and you will get that by playing and analyzing. If you just want to learn the rules you can visit almost any poker site. They have the rules listed and you won´t have to pay to get them. Just visit and look it up there you can play for play money without making any deposit. When you feel up to it register at pokerstrategy, get your $50 it´s a great resource that has helped a lot of players to become winning.
    • JKiller121
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      I bet this is the first complaint about the free money :D

      Without real money you can't play (real) poker ...
    • ciRith
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      If you learn (read our articles etc) the quiz is an easy part and the 50$ a good bonus. :)