Shortstacked SB into BB push (Moshman vs ICM Trainer)

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      I've just finished Moshman's book which gave me quite some new ideas about playing SNG's. But i realised at the end that there is something i didn't quite understood.

      And that is SB into BB push. ICM trainer or SNG Wizard basically say that when you are around 5BB you should push any 2 unless there are some special circumstances (like being on the bubble with a super-shorty around).

      For around 7-8BB you could push something like 70-75% of your hands and going to 10 around 60-65%.

      At the end of the book the pushing tables say:

      For 3BB push: Any face card, 54s+, 64s+, any 2 cards 7 or higher
      For 5BB push:98o,86s+,54s+,J5o+.

      But i am habitually pushing any 2 for 5BB or less.

      What do you think is the best aproach?
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