Hi everybody! First of all i'm sorry for my bad English, I am actually from Russian community but since my Russian writing is horrible and English is bad I decided to start my blog in English :D

I am 19 years old, my name is Edgars I live in Latvian, playing poker for some 1.5 years. This blog will be like my report for pokerstrategy what goals I have achieved in my poker growth. I'v been playing poker more for fun than for some income, but after some real deep thinking :f_cool: I understood that this can be really profitable.

So? lets start! My poker bankroll after few withdraws looks like some 70$, this will be my starting bankroll. Ill play MTT & CashGame @ FullTilt, with bankroll rules - MTT=100BI and CashGame=30BI, since I dont have 100BI for MTT ill play 45 & 90 man SNGs where 70BI buyin is not so bad. :f_cool:

My Daily session (Monday - Friday) will look like:
4x 1$ 45man SNG
2x 1$ 90man SNG
2 x 6max CashGame NL2 400+ hands

At weekends I will rest from poker or depending on mood, ill play some cashgame or 45man sng.

Ill report every week how Iv been going, and ill try to put out some hands every day.

Oh I forgot about my goals :D (time to achieve: One week)
1. Find out how to become a Moderator
2. Bankroll 85$+
3. Read, learn and understand atleast one MTT & one CashGame article per day.

Monthly goal: (time to achieve: 4 weeks)
1. Become a moderator
2. Bankroll 150$+
3. Read, learn and understand all MTT & CashGame Bronze level articles.

Main goal: (time to achieve: Nine months)
1. 1000$ income monthly

Sky Is The Limit Goal: (time to achieve: Lifetime)
1. Win WSOP ME