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    • shane0878
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      Hi all

      Sorry if this has been mentioned before i think it's a good idea.
      Could we make a poker league just for
      I know there are huge gaps in skill level but we could have different divisions.
      We could have a list of names and then issue a fixture list.

      For a heads up league
      Each player would be responsible to organise a time to play his/her opponent for that week.
      If you don't show you lose the points.

      For a MTT/SNG league
      Each player would be responsible to organise a time to play his/her opponents for that week,” this could be more difficult to organise"
      If you don't show you lose the points.

      Maybe could spot a prize :s_biggrin:

      Any feedback would be good.
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hello shane0878,

      I like the thinking ;) . We have had community leauges/events before such as Battle of the Donkeys and a weekly tournament on PokerStars. There hasnt been anything for a while but the Community team are definately looking into new Poker events. Just keep your eyes on the news and maybe something could turn up :) .

      Recently there was also a PokerStrategy $1 tourney on Mansion with $5000 added and more of these should be happening on various other platforms soon :) . As they say "Watch this space." (well the news one ;) )

      Good luck and best regards,

    • Shinersen
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      MTT only for pokerstrategyst would be great :D
    • ironmask92
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      how come partypoker never has any events like this? :o
    • PocketAcesJohn
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      It could be split up into 4 divisions to begin and then have promotions and religations.

      Dimeond/Platinum Div

      Gold Div

      Silver Div

      Bronze Div

      Promoted players win cash + Status increase to your division (Say your gold member and get promoted to the next division you become platinum) :D