Hi, I'm Fredo from Macau (The Vegas of Asia?) and I'm portuguese (I'm sorry for my bad english)
the most important thing about me is that I am addicted to PokerRRrRRrR.
I'm 23 years old, my birthday is 30/july (DURRRR).. I'm studying about tourism, and i work as a Public Relation or "Translator" for the Ambassador from the other Portugues speaking countries.

The reason I'm writing this blog it's because i want some motivation to get back to playing poker online, Learning more about poker, and Improving my ENGLISH! :(

I heard about poker from a friend who asked me to go to casino with him, He said poker is easy to learn, all you need to know is the rank of the cards, and i knew them already bcoz i used to play a game called "Big 2" which the ranks is almost the same as Poker.
So i sat on a table of $2500nl (Macau $) which is almost 250 in USD.. so 250nl.
i brought $50 to the table, and my friend started to teach me about the bb and sb and the position. then i started playing.. i wish i could remember all that happened.. all i could remember is that i got a connector hand and i made a straight on the river.. when someone put me all in on the turn.. i was happy that id double up. xD then i decided to leave while im ahead and left with around $90, cuz i thought i was just lucky to hit that straight.

The next day, i surfed about Poker and found out that i can play them on Facebook.
then i found a site to watch them, it was Asia poker tour when Joe Hachem won..
then maybe about a week later i decided that i want to be a better poker player and went to google and i wrote, Poker Strategy, and guess wat ive found? PokerStrategy.com haha, and it says they offer 50 Starting Capital. First i thought it was fake, but a week later.. i got $50 ON my ParTyYyyPoKeRrRRR

thats how it all started..

I knew i couldnt go Busto with my $50, I read the articles, Learned about SmallBall,
Played ALOT ALOT of freerolls, and won a 1 place on FT on a Tournament that called Check Raising the FreeRoll, and i got a book Signed by Matusow. xD
I also won some other in Ps, FT, PP...
then it took me about a month to start playing real money.

MY FT Glory Moment. xD

It all started PERFECTLY with SSS. I played on the lowest limit just to see if the strategy works, cuz i thought, "IF IT REALLY WORKS, THEN WHY ISNT EVERYONE PLAYING POKER?" but it worked out PERFECTLY for me...
I started to play more and more tables, till one day i hit my maximum numbers of table of 14 Tables, and grinded till $100. (im a very careful person, so i decided only to move up when i hit $100).

i did it in 2 weeks or less,
So i moved to nl10 then my NIGHTMARE came for me...
i lost and lost and lost even more till my BR became $60, and i decided to reread all the Bronze and Silver Articles, and lost another $10. so i moved back to the lowest limit which i thought i was gonna get my BR back... but the nightmare continues, till my BR become $43.. :(
then i wanted to give up.. i was so lost and didnt know wat to do. and wanted to flush my BR away, and i played a $3 rebuy tournament. and won the 2nd place without rebuying, and my BR was back to $70.. KAKAKKAKAKAKAKKA
Then i started playing NL25, cuz there were less Short Stackers,
i got my BR to $90, and back to $50 in a few days...
and oneday i realize that my Bonus expired - -" then after that day.. i stopped playing poker on PP... and started playing on FT. but i was sososo SAD bcoz it wasnt linked to my PokerStrategy Account :(
The Take2 challange got my FT BR to 100. then finally i stopped playing Poker....

A week ago, i decided to play poker again, and im Afraid that those things i just wrote will happen to me again.. when i hit a BAD DOWNSWING i quit :(
i want to make poker my main source of INCOME.

I realized that no limit isnt the only thing i can play, i cashed in most of the SNG i played.
So I decided to play both SSS and SNG, i just lost some playing SSS and went to play some $1 Turbo SNG on PP and got 1st place on 1 table and 4th on the next xD which means im UP already xD


- Get back to Silver Status, Which will be alot easier if my FT was linked to my Pokerstrategy :(

- And decide where i want to play for now.. FT (No Linked) or PP (Many SS)

Thats all for today, Its 8:24AM now and i havent slept yet.

and once again,, Sorry for my Bad bad bad English. and i cant believe i wrote that much :)

Current BR:
$55.44 on PartyPoker
$93.90 on FullTilt


:spade: Short Term Goals :spade:
- Get to $100 on PP and start playing NL10 SSS
- Read Xerry and Gerv Blog
- Watch All SSS Videos
- Start Watching all SNG Videos