All-in EV - A mystery

    • painterman007
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      Hello, here is my graph for the last 17k hands

      At around 2150 hands i got AK 3 times in a row, first I won an all in push, vs 2 random cards
      Second time I got all in against two other people,
      - one with something like 56s
      - the other one with AA
      and I rivered a flush, and i cant say it did too well for my EV, but thats okay.

      Except those hands the 2 graphs are pretty similar when looking at them until about 12,5k hands, then the one goes down the hill. what does it mean?
      The EV is just continuing on its ups and downs, while the winnings are going down ...
      Am I doing something wrong?
      What can I do to help myself, or help you help me?

      Thanks =)
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