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      I haven't played poker for I guess half a year now because I had final exams at school maths-94% physics-96% and now I attend to university (natural sciences - mathematics, I guess I'll be an economical mathematician or something like that).

      That's for intro :) now the thing is I started playing poker again, but now I'm playing sngs I deposited 60$ a few days ago I guess that's good to start and I'm playing 1$ single table sngs now, and I want to start playing 2$ sngs and 1$ MTTs when I reach 100$ br (which I nearly did, but I started falling back from 96$)

      So I would like to be informed what sng stats are considered to be good? I mean ITM roi $/tourney and things like that.

      Mine are:
      of 109 1$ turbos:
      net won: 27.6$
      Avg finish: 4.3
      1st:21 2nd:19 3rd:5 times.

      Am I OK this way or I should check on some things?
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