Switched to a fisher nl200sh site, and this happens

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    • Alex147Eddie
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      congrats mate , tell us whats that fishier site?
    • ihufa
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      wasn't looking for competition :D :D :D :D
    • Skeat
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      Just a general question:
      Is it right to assume that rooms with lower traffic are fishier?
      Or isn't it worth to play at PokerStars or FTP, where I'd say a lot of fishes join everyday?
    • tpmarbella
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      Well ive got a brilliant time to recommend. I play in this site for about 4 month now and I have to say its Nr1 Site for me. Its not the best for bonuses and support service but the fishes you find.... I can truly say, you will have never seen such players before.

      Mostly these players come from italy, so be aware of that when you come heads up with them.

      I play NL100 and about 2k hand a month, my profits are currently at 5.5k€ on this site.
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      Let me know how you run, and hope to see you at the tables soon :)
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