A week or so ago I took a look at play on the flop during the course of my last 10k or so hands. I only have a limited number of cases so I draw no conclusions but merely make observations. Additional input from others would be useful.

Open raise from CO/BU 65% success rate.

Conti-bet success rate following blind steal attempt =35% (13/35).

Conti-bet success rate following other PFR =48% (55/115).

Donk-bet: 8/13 nothing(one OESD), 2/13 second pair,3/13 top pair.

All donk-bets were weak except for the OESD and 1 top pair hand.

My conti-bet is raised (i'm in any position): 7/19 top pair, 2/19 over-pair, 4/19 OP+, 3/19 2nd/3rd pair, 2/19 bluff and one draw.

My conti-bet is called (i'm in any position): 10/26 top pair, 2/26 OP, 2/26 OP+, 6/26 2nd/3rd pair, 2/26 nothing, 4/26 draw.

N.B. OP+ is a hand that beats an overpair. Draw is a hand with at least 8 outs.

Edit: All hands SSS.