[NL2-NL10] NL5 KJo

    • kudzis
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      0.02/0.05 No-Limit Hold'em (8 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Elephant 0.69 by www.pokerstrategy.com.

      Preflop: Hero is CO with K:club: , J:diamond:
      4 folds, Hero raises to $0.20, BU folds, SB calls $0.18, BB calls $0.15.

      Flop: ($0.60) A:spade: , K:spade: , 3:club: (3 players)
      SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $0.20, SB calls $0.20, BB folds.

      Turn: ($1.00) 8:club: (2 players)
      SB bets $0.45, Hero ???
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    • MaestroOfZerg
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      Just make a normal c-bet on the flop, you'll get some value from draws/ worse Kx and whatever 43/13 & 62/28 players can show up with. Of course sometimes you'll run into Ax but it's not a big deal, i doubt they're raise the flop too often with those. If they've been kinda aggressive postflop you can check it back and call a bet on the turn unless the action gets crazy.

      Once you get called on the flop think of your hand as a ~5-outer especially if both of them called, it's very likely one of them has Ax, so try and take a showdown unimproved. Value-bet when you improve, K is obviously the best card, it might get dicey if you get action on a J.

      Hope it helps.