NL20 trouble with AA

    • Gungunhana
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      Titan Poker NL20

      Gungunhana">Ah Ad

      Hero bets $1.30
      3 Folds
      Villain Calls
      5 folds

      FLOP Jh Qh 6s

      Hero bets U$ 3.00
      Villain calls

      TURN 3c

      Hero Bets U$ 9.00
      Villain rases all in U$ 12.87
      Hero calls

      RIVER 7s

      Sorry about the display but I can´t manage to make Hand Grabem work with Titan Poker.

      Should I have bet different on turn?

      When he raised "all in" I knew I was in trouble but I was already pot committed. ( He showed JJ)
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