blind stealing

    • KingKruger
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      Sould the blind stealing bet size be the standard 4x or can it be alittle less due to the fact that you are playing a weaker hand in the middle phase (14-24 BB) and will hav to fold to a raise ?
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    • PKSSebulba
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      Because of low stacks in SNG I usually open 2.5-3 BB - higher the blinds, lower the bet, 4BB is too expensive, especially when stealing with weak hand in mid/late game
    • HarveyFP
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      when attacking blinds is
      2.5-3 BB
      not to weak to push off at lower limits ?
    • lessthanthreee
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      ive only ever raised 3x in early stages and 2.5x mid-late through all stakes seems to work out fine for me

      i think raising 4bb pre is a leak
    • brazyd
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      4BB standard is too much i think, but i use it occasionally put a little variety in the game
    • 8979687
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      I am agreeing that 4bb is way too much in mid and late stages, its ok on lower limit SNGs
      in the early stages. The one key thing about the raise size you do make though is that
      you must make it the same for raising your AK, KK etc as you do for trying to make a steal.

      If you raise smaller with weak hands and bigger with better ones than everyone will just exploit
      you. Even the really weak players will figure it out.

      So mid to late stages, I recommend 2.5BB instead of 4 no matter what hand you are raising with.