50$ second capital clearing

    • yuugoo45
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      Hello,i have few question about that bonus..

      1)If i need wagered 5000$ i need to collect 50 000points int ther points?
      2)Is true that you can play blackjacjk in ther casino to clear that bonus?

      my friend come to 800$ with poker and than he plazblackjack with 1$ and he play matematical correct blackjack and he was behind just 0.50% against casino!is that realy true that you can play blackjack and clear the bonus_
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey yuugoo45,

      1) I'm not sure what the ratio between points and total money wagered. I would suggest in asking their support.

      2) I don't believe it is possible to clear a poker bonus other than playing poker.