HU SNG Advice needed!

    • pwned94
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      I have just discovered these $1+$.05 HU SNGs on iPoker. I have a few questions:

      1.) Is $50 enough to start playing?
      2.) How many should I be winning?
      3.) How long is a potential downswing? A full 50BI possible?

      I consider myself to be a good heads up player, opponents are generally looking for a gambling fix.

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    • KidPokersKid
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      Well I heard somewhere that on the lower stakes something like winning 57-58% and then as you move up to mid stakes it should drop slightly like 54%... don't quote me on this and I assume this would be over a large sample size...

      $50 should be enough if you only play the $1 and stay away from Turbos/Super Turbos since you said you "consider [your]self to be a good heads up player" the slower structure will give you an edge.
    • Kimber88
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      1. With $50 I would definitely start with the $2 if you're comfortable with HU SnGs.

      2. Don't know. Depends. 60-65% on the $1 maybe?

      3. Like in all other forms of poker there are ups and downs, but the downers generally tend to be smaller than in other games.
    • wquinn636
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      I've played a few HU SnGs, and it's definitely worth a go at lower limits. 90% of opponents will eventually make a shocking play and hand you the game if you're patient. Variance seems to be pretty minimal but I haven't played enough of them to know for sure.