BRM 5% at tables

    • xero100
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      hi have a question do you use this rule like you cant sit with more than 5% of your BRM at tables
      sorry my noob I found this on some random site

      so basic ($ at tables : BRM * 100)= %
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    • opal99
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      Hi xero100;

      I haven't heard about that "rule" but I find it quite stupid tbh. It depends on the game you play (e.g. i used to sit down at FL tables with 100% of my BR sometimes - didnt have to rebuy ;) ) and the way you can manage tilt. But as long as you're not tilting monkey, it's not neccessary to use rules like this, because you either have to have huge (= too conservative) BR or you can't multitable enough.
    • NickParkes
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      I've heard that rule... and it all the same thing as x No BIs, just more work IMO... anyway BRM serves 2 major functions... 1. avoid going busto and 2. maintaining a psychological comfort level... so what ever works best, just remember that whatever BRM you choose, stick to it, and conservative is generally better and safer... gl
    • AlexanderD22
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      I think that's the Jesus BRM method.