I have some queries regarding SSS which I have been playing on 888 for approx 23k hands (with approx 40$ profit having no bonus to chase and no rakeback).

1/ Table selection - numerous posts on the forum reinforcing the importance of this but when there are only 5 FR tables available at a limit and I am looking to play 8 I end up playing 4 on NL10 and 4 on NL6 - (recently started trying 4 on NL20 instead of the 4 on NL6) - but this still makes a mockery of the whole idea of table selection as when I leave 1 table there may frequently be only 1 more table of that limit available so I end up playing that table!

2/ C-betting - with a PFR and 1 caller a 1/2 pot bet on the flop leaves me with approx 1/2 the pot on the turn assuming villan calls so any further bet commits my stack. If I make a C-bet on the flop with 2 overs say AK on a J high flop and get called any card lower than a Q means I will either have to check/fold (losing 10bb) or fire an AI second barrel on the turn with A high??

I would appreciate any thoughts or answers to the above problems folks.

Thanks from a comitted SSS player