freaking c00l birthday present

    • PavelM11
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      ok, what i'm doing atm is grinding 12 tables SSS (at the highest limits my bankroll allows) to get $300 bonus on everest. I was planning change the room and switch to 6-max after that. I had only $90 of bonus money left, had $320 in my BR (starting from 50 :D ). Everything started so nicely... Yesterday I was down for $30 or $40 which didn't disappoint me at all. Today is my Birthday! I've happily started the new session hoping for some good luck as a Birthday present...

      the total loss for 2 days is about $190. I'm down half of the bankroll in just 2 days... So now I'm starting to doubt that will have at least 300 for NL10 by the time I clear bonus :'(

      Happy Birthday to me! I love my life soooooooo much!

      Anybody feels sorry for me? :'(
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