Since Pokerstrategy doesnt provide any articles on adjusting your game according to the nationality of your opponents, I thought I would share some wisdom here.

The American player:

The only thing he knows is attack - raise, raise, raise. And when raising gets him in trouble, he tries to get out of it by raising some more. Set traps for him and he will charge straight into them.

The English player:

He is quite predictable in that he will always follow the lead of the american player. Not because he wants to, he just wants the american to like him.

The Canadian player:

He will always do the opposite of what the american player wants him to do, just to piss him off and to try and show you that he has a mind of his own.

The Mexican player:

The only thing a Mexican player does in a poker game is steal the blinds. When a Mexican player leaves the table, you should check your back pocket to make sure your wallet is still there.

The South American player:

He is extremely passive. Make a small bet on the flop, and he will usually time out because he cant be fucked hitting the fold button.

The Chinese player:

Watch out if a Chinese player joins your table, becaue in a few minutes the table will be full of them. Their play will make no sense to you and you will have no idea whats going on.

The Japanese player:

If he raises just put in a small 3-bet - he will fold immediately. He will feel extremely guilty for raising, offer you a thousand apologies and never raise again.

The African player:

All he wants to do is win one big blind, then he will disappear. He wont return to the game until his village runs out of food again.

The South African player:

He has a VPIP of 1 and an AF of 100. He keeps folding so hardly anyone notices he is there - but occasionally he shoves in his whole 100bb stack and scares the shit out of everyone, then he is quiet again.

The Middle Eastern player:

He sits quietly and patiently, playing very passively so he doesnt offend anyone. Be careful how far you push him though, because he may snap. He will then add you to his buddylist and hunt you down to the ends of the earth.

The Irish player:

He doesnt understand the game at all. Occasionally he will get the feeling he is being pushed around though - he wont know who is pushing him, so he will lash out at the next player who gets in his way.

The German player:

He is the ultimate TAG. He doesnt often make a move but when he does, its a big one and he will try to take down the whole table. When german players start attacking the blinds, the blinds are in big fucking trouble.

The French player:

He is bold and aggressive until somebody stands up to him, then he folds in a flash.

The Australian player:

The fact that a player is australian automatically means he is drunk. (If you have any experience with australian females, you will understand why the males drink so much). If you are of middle eastern descent and find yourself at a table with more than one australian, get the fuck out of there immediately.