weird poker room

    • maxiking02
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      I ve been playing at this Party poker room for couple of days. I play micro limits and I can see the only one thing, you can just go all in or fold. Your sofisticated strategies are pointless and useless there cause the idiots there are able to call or raise with anything and you just dont know what they have. But as usually they complete their unprobable combination and win. Anytime I raise I am reraised and usually with trash that beats me right on the flop. But partypoker software is humane because the low lames beat you already on the flop but e.c. pokerstars lets you beat on the river which is more mentally difficult. So thank you party poker that you steal my money this way and not like pokerstars. :D , no seriously, it is very very low poker room (as for the players playing there)
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    • gedwashere91
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      I WISH it was like that. Playing SSS it would be lovely to get some callers once every now and then, but all I get is ridiculously tight tables where you can just take down the blinds with your AA. THAT shits me off more than bad beats. Bad beats happen on every site at every limit, you'll get used to it.