• Squidward99
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      For some unknown reason im gettin ruined at bwin atm, last 100 tourneys ive played there ive cashed in 8, yes 8.

      Im going crazy Ongame say its faor and random i think its BS no one can run this bad. I dont know what do to :( Any ideas. I consider myself as a good player but im just gettin sucked out left right and centre some hands dont even seem real, for example
      I have 1010 adn 2 other see the flop flop come 10 A Q raindow and all three of us r allin on flop One has AK and the other QQ i mean seriously what are the odds

      Should i give up and take up darts ??

      my screen name is p8trick5t8r, OPR me and see for urself its amazing
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