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I Hate SSS.

    • Chippolata
      Joined: 02.11.2009 Posts: 51
      Here goes my rant about SSS.

      Honestly this strategy is to be played by a bot.

      It is not fun to play and if you get unlucky you can end up in crazy downswings that could just make you definitely quit poker if it is your first try.

      On another hand i have to say that overall it is a pretty solid strategy and downswings always end up to be compensated by upswings and overall you will be winning money at the end (of time) but the amount you win is so thin that imho it doesn't make up for the crazy variance.

      unless indeed you are a bot ready to play 100k+ hand and you don't care going down to zero at your 25.000th hand (...)

      I am going to switch to BSS as tbh I really don't feel like playing SSS any longer.
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    • SPeedFANat1c
      Joined: 04.01.2009 Posts: 5,150
      I felt like this too when played SSS, now I am playing BSS and I am happy with it :)
    • AlexanderD22
      Joined: 26.08.2009 Posts: 377
      My thoughts on BASIC SSS, good for bonus clearing. If you play strict strategy even with coolers and bad beats you will be roughly breakeven, add rakeback and you should be there for sure. Even with the bad luck I had, over 20BI below EV I made it to a little under 150$ after clearing original PS bonus.
    • Wriggers
      Joined: 21.07.2009 Posts: 3,250
      I agree that sometimes it can be tedious, but recently i've been enjoying it a bit more. If you're on micro-limits even though you should just follow basic strategy it's quite good to add in a small amount of your own things. If you're multitabling you should be getting post-flop enough to keep you from getting bored and if you implement stuff like check raising and try to read other players i've found it to be quite interesting.
    • jonnyquest
      Joined: 21.09.2009 Posts: 285
      I don't think anyone really likes SSS over BSS. It can be fun though once you start more advanced strategy and multitabling. For clearing bonuses, gaining experience, and gaining a solid pre-flop game SSS is the best. I think that SSS really is the best way to start off. The downswings are pretty nasty but hopefully there will be upswings to balance them out. If you hate SSS then make the switch to BSS when you have cleared the bonuses and have the bankroll.

    • cavitaro
      Joined: 25.09.2009 Posts: 19
      Uh.. I agree with the 'tedious bot-job' part, but still, if you try to read your oponents, and with stats help to guide action, it becomes less boring. And, when multitabling, (I mean REALLY multitabling, >10 tables), it can generate a decent amount of $ profit, due to the volume of hands, even if the $/100 hands is the same.

      Furthermore, it requires less atention, oponent reading (except for stealing situations) and decision taking than bss, making it better for large multitablers who just wanna grind up a limit, make a solid (but not to large) profit or clear bonuses, without all the work on improving the gameplay for bss.