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    • TFMonty
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      Have played some 7 card stud in the past, mainly for money. Now with the dominance of rocks and decreasing ev in NL i have decided to move into stud more so is mainly to say hello.............

      other than PTS (which i have grave probs trying to get a HUD to work for) are there any other options out there?

      any good strategy artickles would also be of interest.

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    • KidPokersKid
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      I dont think a HUD is needed but this will force you to play like 2 tables at max which kind of sucks at the lower stakes games because it is hard to build a bankroll this way unless you can spend a lot of hours at the tables...

      PTS is the only stud program I have seen
    • kennyxx
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      check out this one. It'd fpdb (open source), but works only on stars....never tried though. In case You will give it a shot, I'd like to know if it works.