Well today I played in a $15 BI tournament. There were 32 people total for a nice prize, but only top 3 players would get payed.

I knew I'd encounter fishes, but I didn't know I'd encounter 30 of them. Only 1 other player and myself knew what we were doing. I saw the craziest hands, 4 way All In's which made it hell for the dealers to divide the pots, and with hands such as 72o, K2o, J6o etc. I'd never seen sooo many fishes.

As for myself, I was card dead ALL tournament. I played around 150 hands or so. Out of all of those, the only hands I played were: 76o, Q9s, KQs and Q7s.

Here's a rundown of each.

76o in the SB. 5 limpers, BB raises to 5 BB's, 4 calls and myself. Flop: K77. I push, and get called by 2 players, bigger stacks than myself. They both check turn and river and the final board is K7764. I show 76o and both muck. I later find out one of them had JJ and the other a busted flush draw.

At this point I tripled up to around 1300 chips, with blinds at 3/6. I made a mistake to play really tight here, but it was really hard when EVERYONE at the tale thought there 2 were the nuts. I folded alot of hands preflop instead of calling the min raises, which would've net me the alot more stacks. Oh well.

Next hand I was involved in was Q9s. I was BB, check behind all the limpers and board flopped me a flush, but I got no more action from the 4 limpers.

Then we are down to 16 players. I get handed my first 'decent hand' in KQs. I raise from MP and get 3 calls. Flop comes JT4. 1 bet from the SB and I call, while everyone else folds. Turn is J. Villain bets again and I call. River is a 9. Villain raises, I raise AI and he insta calls, showing TT for a Full House.

This hand left me horribly sortstacked, with 6 BB's total. At this point there are now 9 players so I made the final table.

In the BB I have Q7s. It is folded to CO who calls, BU minraises, SB folds and I push. CO and BU call. Board comes A9T and I lose all hope of winning, cetainly they called me with an A. CO bets, BU folds and CO shows K2o... Turn is a 6, which puts me on a flush draw + any Q or 7 to beat the villain. River doesn't help me and I bust in 8th place.

The KQs hand spelt my doom, but villains were still limping any two in any position, so a straight was the nuts vs their range. It just so happedn this time they had a better hand.

I'm not sad about the loss though. I lost 2 hands were I was an underdog since pre-flop, and I know if I played in this tournament 31 more times, variance permitting, I'd definately make it ITM so many times it'd be very +EV. But oh well, moving on and now back to online Poker tomorrow.

Was definately nice to play online for a change though. Thanks for reading my report, I hope it was interesting.