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Straight to SH...?

    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      I love NL SH because its fun and I am in position quite often
      but I have dilema if I should play BSS FR at first. I dont like Fullring because its slow pace, I cant watch more than 6 opponents no more tables, I dont liek lack of action and being out of position etc.
      I used to play SnGoes (6-max :D usualy) or MTTs (FR :( ) also some SH NL
      but not much of a samplesize and I wasnt rolled for it(even though I sitll profited but ahd to qut cause of some badbeats)
      Recently I played SSS FR reaaally aggressively on microstakes and played about 10k-15k hands and profited really well and I was even running under EV a little , I had about 8bb/100h (low sample, I know, variance woudl prob strike me soon enough :) )

      so my Q is, Does it matter if I didnt play BSS FR and I go str8 to SH tables? or should I start at FR tabes (Please dont make me do it :D I played SSS, isnt that enough? :D and I would prob. return to it once in a while when I reach gold so that I can read one more article about adv. plays even though I am using most of them )
      or if u have any other thoughts let me know
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    • timukasr
      Joined: 26.05.2007 Posts: 1,820
      Well, Mr fakedurr, the right thing to do is of course start with FR (cause it'
      s more easier and you get more experience) but I guess if you feel like you are capable of playing good game and analyze your moves all the time then you can go to SH tables (also you have some experience there). Of course, don't start 12 tabling and go directly to Ivey's Thunderdome, but start with low stakes, small number of tables, concentrate and play your A game.

    • fakedurrr
      Joined: 22.11.2008 Posts: 725
      yea, I will play maximally 4 tables at all time, I iwll never increase this number because I liek to pay more attention to the game
      I usually know isntantly when I make some move thats its not prob good and I shoudlt do it
      I forget to put here my graphs from last nights seassions, my first seassion after a long time


      there u can see that I play quite aggresively usually mainly on PartyPoker Graph u can see that, but whenever I got it to the AI I was behind on party, even though it was mainly setups like Trips vs fullhouse KKvs AA even thouhg I really thought he had aces and called for set value but when really low flop came I persuade msyelf he can also have AKs and QQ so I payed him off
      sometiems they get crazy after I dominated the table and payed me off with air, or where floating me and got crazy when they got ch/r on turn and take it as another bluff ....
      jsut so much fun :D