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Avoiding Fullhouse over flush ace high

    • ixuz1
      Joined: 15.11.2009 Posts: 12
      Okay this is how it went:

      Starting game 5255576381.

      fufuse14 is at seat 0 with $1.84.
      willki is at seat 2 with $.51.
      ZeepDeesh is at seat 4 with $2.30.
      ixuz is at seat 5 with $3.93.

      The dealer is seat 0.

      willki posts a blind of $.01.
      ZeepDeesh posts a blind of $.02.

      (ixuz is dealt 10s As.)

      ixuz calls for $.02.
      fufuse14 folds.
      willki folds.
      ZeepDeesh checks.

      The flop comes
      9s Jd 7c.

      ZeepDeesh checks.
      ixuz bets $.05.
      ZeepDeesh calls for $.05.

      The turn comes 7s.

      ZeepDeesh checks.
      ixuz bets $.15.
      ZeepDeesh calls for $.15.

      The river comes 4s.

      ZeepDeesh bets $.45.
      ixuz raises $1.35.
      ZeepDeesh goes all-in for $1.63.
      ixuz calls for $.28.


      ixuz shows: 10s As
      As 10s 9s 7s 4s
      Flush, Ace high

      ZeepDeesh shows: 7h 4c
      7c 7s 7h 4s 4c
      Full House, Sevens over Fours

      ZeepDeesh wins pot ($4.31).

      Can I avoid or minimize my losses to this?
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