From 50$ to 85$ to 45$ - What to do?

    • MrPaulsen
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      Hello PokerStrategy!

      Ive signed up and recieved my 50$ free starting capital on friday last week, and started playing right away.

      I 4 tabled NL4 in the beginning, mixing it up with some NL10 and 1$ SH SnG's - I steady moved up to 85$ but then ran in to some serious bad luck yesterday evening going from 85$ to 45$.

      So now im wondering what to do now?

      First im thinking to 4 table 2.2$ DoN's FR or maybe SSS NL10?

      But im leaning more to playing 2.2$ DoN's bcus the swings are not that big, and with rakeback and bonus i think i can make a descent profit. (Planning to play around 700-1000 DoN's pr. month)

      What do u guys think of this? Do you have any suggestions, or comments on what might be wrong? Bcus going from 85$ to 45$ in only a couple of hours cant be a very good sign :( ?
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