A little help looking at my stats

    • gallenz
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      Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Ability /100 Network Filter
      UnholyAce 110 $1 $15 35% $77 - 71 FullTilt SNG Only x

      this is taken from sharkscope
      my SNG ROI is 35% with an avg. stake of 15$ and avg. profit of 1$, how is that possible if my AVG stake is 15$ should the ROI be 35% of 15$?

      is it high enough ROI to make money consistently?

      how does sharkscope come up with the ability/100 score? is my 71 good? anyone knows the algorithm used?

      thanks in advance.
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    • lozz08
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      over 71 games? play at least 500 and then you'll see. 35% is pretty unrealistic. I don't really know sharkscope BTW.
    • gallenz
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      actually its 110 games.
    • lennonac
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      This will be because you have a higher ROI at the lower buyins and a lower one at the high buyins.

      You may have a roi of 40% at $2 or something and -5% at the higher buyins where you have played more games, this will bring your average buyin up

      Just click your name and you can get the roi for each buyin