Bankroll management for SnG

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    • AcesBreaker
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      Hi dude,

      i think that you can play 5,50 USD SnG´s . BR managemnt said that you have to use only 2% of your bankroll for tournaments and SnG´s .
    • lessthanthreee
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      80-100 BIs is a good guide depending on how you can cope mentally with the swings. i play 90BIs personally and move down when i lose 25 BIs.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Gunnimar,

      I too agree with the other guys. PokerStrategy's recommended BRM is 50BI, which is ok up until circa $10 buy in's.
      After this stage though, I would strongly suggest going for a higher BRM in line with that suggested by lessthanthree.

      SnG's are extremely swingy with bucket loads of variance.

      There's never any harm in using a more conservative BRM.

      To give you an example, I'm still well rolled for 55's, but recently dropped from 33's to 22's again due to a downswing and to rebuild up both roll and confidence again.

      Slowly slowly catchy monkey (or fishy in this particular case maybe :D )

      Good luck buddy,

    • dienaszaglis
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      Variance is huge for sure, looks like I will experience 400 SnG break-even stretch... Though I am working on my game harder than ever...
    • HarveyFP
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      Originally posted by dienaszaglis
      looks like I will experience 400 SnG break-even stretch....
      Grindpain - more painful than regular pain