How to play hands/ when to go all in

    • philiveyfan
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      Hey so I been playing poker for 5 months now love the game I play cash game in person of 1/2 blinds. Can someone who has alot of experience tell me how much i should be raising with pocket kings queens aces 10s jacks and when to go all in sometimes i make mistake by going all in so everyone can fold?
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    • thebigheizung85
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      the question is a bit unspecific... you have a long way ahead of you, but hey you found pokerstrategy, so your way is guided... try to achieve bronze status and the article you will be able to read will answer some questions for you and you will make profit to achieve silver status

      i wish you all the best luck to become a decent player, but i (at least) can't answer your questions with a very short description