Hello there!

With all the original content we're producing, we need help
managing the content and its translation to English. To this end, we'd
like to add another translator to the team, who'd be not only be able to
accurately translate German texts to English, but also coordinate jobs
given to freelancers, proofread freelance translations, and maintain
quality at every stage of the workflow.

Translator DE>EN

Main duties would involve:
  • Translating internal & external texts from DE > EN
  • Proofreading freelancer's translations of strategy articles and news items several times a day
  • Coordinating freelancers and giving them feedback as part of the workflow
  • Starting Date: asap, start 1st Dec would be great, or as early as possible
  • It's a full-time in-house position.


Alternatively, if you wish to be an English Proofreader on a freelance
basis, you may apply for that as well.

All applicants, regardless of the position they're applying for, will be
tested for their skills, as part of a preliminary screening process.

You can send your applications directly to the Translation Coordinator, Priya Sibila english@pokerstrategy.com

Jobs Page Link: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/jobs/#1203

We'd love to have you on board :)