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LOL...Gotta love full tilts customer support. :)

    • PocketAcesJohn
      Joined: 19.06.2008 Posts: 1,119
      Ok so lasy night i was getting tones of beats, you know the standard stuff KK v AA, AA v KK k hiting, set over set, runner runner etc. So i decided to send them an email (jokingly) to put vent some fustration in a way that would make me laugh again and get me re focused (Which it did). Any way i sent them this:

      Hi it seems someone has decided to turn the "Doom switch" on for my account.

      I was wondering if the Doom switch could possibley be turned of now?

      Many thanks

      LOL that made me feel better. But then i got this response which made me laugh (and made me wonder how they took my e-mail so serriously), Still i love how they took the time to responde:

      Thank you for contacting Full Tilt Poker Support.
      > Some players like to think that there is a button or switch at online poker sites that when flipped gives players terrible cards and horrible bad beats. The doom switch also has developed a counterpart known as the boomswitch which apparently gives players great cards and makes them unstoppable at the tables.
      > The whole concept of a doomswitch does not make sense for an online poker site. Please understand that a poker site makes its money off of rake which is a small portion of each pot played on the site. A poker site does not want to take your money because once you are broke you can no longer contribute rake. For a poker site, busting players with a doomswitch does not in any way increase revenue. If Full Tilt Poker made players who potentially would have spent many hours of happily playing raked hands on the site go bankrupt to bad beats they would be risking those players trying their luck at another site, or not playing for real money at all.
      > Conversely, giving great cards to all the players who are close to busting would also negatively affect profits. If the consistent players who play poker for a living were consistently losing to players who were getting fed the winning hands they would take their game to another site. This would cost a site a large percentage of players who play multiple tables forty or more hours a week. These players track their hands very closely and would be the first to recognize if there was a statistical discrepancy. Every high stake game you see being played is a statement by every player at the table that they trust the RNG at Full Tilt Poker.
      > Some players come up with more devious schemes for how this doom switch might operate in an effort to maximize profits for a poker site. However, these theories are no less speculative than theories about UFO's, secret societies, and mythical creatures. While it is easy to type up a reasonable motive for a poker site to rig action there is simply no evidence to support it.
      > The fact is that there are thousands of players who record every hand they play, and there has never been a manipulated shuffle discovered over a significant sample size. Players who have recorded a hundred thousand hands or more and taken the time to analyze the statistics simply do not write emails to poker sites accusing them of having a doomswitch.
      > On behalf of Full Tilt Poker, and as a fellow player, I wish you the best of luck at the tables.
      > Regards,
      > Piotr
      > Poker Specialist
      > Full Tilt Poker Support
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