i send this messege to unibet about information of the max loyality bonus. i am attaching part of the conversation.:

Dear customer,

Thank You for contacting Unibet!

Please find the answers to your questions below:

2. i would like to register throught http://www.pokerstrategy.com

it is written there, that i will get max loyality bonus registering
via them. how to understand the term max loyality bonus? can you explain it
in details please?

Unfortunately each affiliate has a different offer for each customer, and we are not able to provide you with that information. You will need to contact Pokerstrategy for more details with regards to that.

3. how much rakeback do you offer for players? is there a minimum of rake,
that has to be generated before i can get a rakeback? is it payed weekly, 2-weekly or monthly?

Once again it depends on the specific deal that your affiliates has placed you. And we are not able to give you any details, the affiliate should be able to provide you with that information.

Should you need additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

unibet advised to contact pokerstrategy so i want to ask you the same questions. how is it working with the max loyality bonus. i looked under the unibet FAQ., but you changed the 5. in the FAQ list. so who can tell me, how it works? thank you for your time. greets Paulius