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sss nl10 pf ai analysis

    • LudviOn
      Joined: 10.08.2009 Posts: 2
      hi, I play sss nl10, 2,8BB/100 so far (7500 hands)

      trying to improve , I made stats for preflop AI situations (AI-->call), and I'd like to ask for help with analysis

      for 65 situations (out of 7500 hands), my average equity is 54,5%, and winrate 49,2%


      1) is 65 hands representative?
      2) is this equity high enough? (I mean should I avoid these situations with AK or JJ more often?)
      3) little bit unlucky so far :)

      Thanks for attitude
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    • Smileyphil
      Joined: 28.10.2008 Posts: 488
      Its hard to give good advice about equity without knowing whether you are playing advanced SSS or just by the chart. However here are my general thoughts.

      1) "is 65 hands representative?"

      The problem with Poker is that it takes a LOT of hands (50k+) to really negate the effects of variance. However with 7.5k hands you should be able to get a feel of whether the strategy is working. Especially if you can tell whether you have done the right action in a situation (regardless of the actual result).

      2) "is this equity high enough? (I mean should I avoid these situations with AK or JJ more often?)"

      Any situation with Equity higher than 50% should be played. A situation with 50.1% equity will still be profitable even if it lowers your average equity. The best way to analyse these all in situations is to look at times where you had less than 50% equity and decide if you did the right action.

      3) "little bit unlucky so far"

      Yeah it seems your a little unlucky at the moment but its best not to focus on it too much. There is nothing you can do about luck. Keep playing well and the results will reflect it. Especially keep improving as the larger your edge the less luck comes into it.