Starting capital experience

    • Diesel666
      Joined: 15.10.2009 Posts: 9
      It took 15 days. 9 emails. sending my drivers license 4 times. sending my tenant agreement twice and my passport once finally worked. I got it today.

      I guess being impatient, sending in my additional ID in over and over to cover their needs worked in the end.... good luck to others....
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    • smcc1888
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      It took me 2 working days and only the initial email with my ID and all was well - no problems at all. I was surprised at how efficient the process was - :s_thumbsup:
    • amitkessel
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      I'm in the middle of the "sending dozens of emails" process now. This really puts some hope to me that maybe one day I will get my Capital too.
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi Diesel/everyone,

      Sorry to hear that you experienced a few problems, large delays are rare but do occasionally happen and I hope that this hasn't put you off of PokerStrategy as we have so many benefits available to members.

      The majority of applications are processed within a couple of days at max, but PokerStrategy do reserve the right to request additional information and/or ID material to confirm your identity. It is important to ensure that any scans etc you provide are clear and easily readable to help avoid any such delays.

      Good luck with your poker,