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    • stopherca
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      well after recieving my bonus yesterday i got a chance to really check out the site
      what i had said before about the speed of the site you can change in options and through the outher options i thinks a pretty good site i played a low limit cash game .25-.50 limit holdem and played for about a half hour and went down a dollar however i also tryed a 10+1 sng 10 man and came 1st for 50 it was a good table, tight players, decent blind structure the only suggestion i have for them in the sit and gos would be a break after an hour not 2, 2 hours is a little long
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    • Puschkin81
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      Hi Stopherca!

      Congratulations for winning the tournament.
      BUT: You played a $10+$1 SNG with a bankroll of $49? You should definitely read our bankroll management article again!

      Good luck at the tables!