Down 15buyins BSS from 7500 hands

    • thegrouse
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      Id like to post the graphs but i cant work out how to do it.

      Anyway, i'll keep it short as i can:

      i moved up to 100NL having won $1000 at 50NL after 20,000 hands (sorry, not 8000, misread the graph)

      I'm down $1500 in 100NL after 7500 hands. My non-showdown winnings are normally descending slowly but have dived since i moved up.

      I played 100NL 6 months ago and was up $1700 for 13k hands.

      I've gone bust now and have got to save up to restart my BR.

      I've not been experiencing more bad beats than is normal.

      Is this a bad downswing or has the level of play at 100NL drastically increased in the last 6 months? What is going on here?!
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