Best use of Iron man medals

    • Lizocain
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      Hey all, I was wondering what is the best use of iron man medals (having rakeback) , if anyone could tell me. Options are obviously the 100$ 300$ 600$ bonuses or the tournament tokens? Btw can you convert those tokens directly to money like the T$ or u cant ?
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    • clydefrog77
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      Tokens are the best value but only if you're a tournament player. If you're a cash game player the cash bonuses are the way to go. You cannot exchange the tokens for tournament dollars or cash.
    • jonnyquest
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      I heard the tokens don't effect rakeback but the cash bonuses and store purchases do. Also the exchange for FTP won't effect rakeback until you spend them. Is this true? If someone with experience could verify that would be great.

    • excelgeo
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      spending medals themselves affects your rakeback. then clearing the bonus will also be deducted from rakeback (at a favourable rate to yourself though).

      I suggest you go to the top of the page where lots of info on rakeback can be found.

      In my experience, tokens are good value, although I have never cashed from them because me being an idiot and bad beats of course.