Bubble Trouble

    • tevere
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      FULL TILT 9 ppl regular SNG blinds are 80/160

      Stack distribution SB -3525
      BB- 3895
      CO (villain)- 2040
      BU(me)- 3800

      everyone is pretty decent , no crazy agressive ppl.

      CO raises allin , i look at AK offsuit . i though for all the time, and i figured he wouldnt do that with AA or KK and there was a decent chance he might do that with AQ or AJ so i figured i was 50% to win and decided to call.

      the outcome isnt relevant ( BB called, flop came AK7 , BB check , I go allin, BB calls and shows AK , and CO had 77 !!!! DAMN!)

      my read was good.
      is my call good ? i though id have a decent stack remaining and its worth to flip in the bubble if you can afford it. please comment on my decision.
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    • ihufa
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      no, your call is bad. shove all in preflop
    • lennonac
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      chalk it off, nothing wrong here
    • GunFlavoured
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      Originally posted by ihufa
      no, your call is bad. shove all in preflop

      You really wan't to isolate CO by reshoving, the players in the blinds should then be calling much tigher. In this case you hit the flop, say you didn't and BB decides to shove the flop. You then have to fold, hoping BB will knock out CO + you are short stacked. If you push preflop, you will usually have around 50%+ chance of winning the pot if the blinds fold. On the other hand, I don't mind a flat call with KK or AA but that depends if your opponents will pick up on that.