34 problem

    • tevere
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      FULL TILT 9 ppl regular SnG
      blind level 25/50
      8 players remaining

      SB 1335
      BB(hero) 1400
      UTG 3165
      Mp1 1985
      Mp2 1500
      Mp3 1350
      CO 1240
      BU 1450

      my hand 3c4s
      everyone folds, CO limp, BU fold, SB fold, i check

      flop comes 2h4h3s ;pot is 125

      i raise 85

      he raises to 170

      i call

      turn comes 8d ; pot is 465

      i check

      he raises to 465 with 555 left and i put him allin

      he shows 22.

      so, are my decisions good, i found that there were not to many hands that can beat me , and a lot of hands i can beat thats why i decided to go allin instead of fold.

      please comment
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