[NL2-NL10] NL 400 BSS SH: AJs Nutflushdraw

    • Puschkin81
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      CO is a very aggressive player. (Stack =100BB)

      2/4 No-Limit Hold'em [color:blue](6 handed)[/color]
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: Texas Grabem 1.7 by www.pokerstrategy.cc.

      Preflop: Hero is BU with J:club: , A:club:
      [color:grey]2 folds[/color], CO calls $4.00, [color:red]Hero raises to $18.00[/color], [color:grey]2 folds[/color], CO calls $14.00.

      Flop: ($42.00) 4:heart: , 8:club: , 3:club: [color:blue](2 players)[/color]
      CO checks, [color:red]Hero bets $30[/color], [color:red]CO raises to $72.00[/color], Hero calls $42.00.

      Turn: ($186.00) J:heart: [color:blue](2 players)[/color]
      [color:red]CO bets $100[/color], [color:red]Hero raises to $360.40 (All-In)[/color], [color:grey]CO folds[/color].

        Is this ok? Or too aggressive?

      Final Pot: $646.40
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    • vladnz
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      o by the way what stakes do you play /where and what nickname you have if you don't mind !

    • undercover82
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      He would have reraised preflop with QQ KK AA. 2 pair on the flop is improbable.
      He could be holding a hand like 66-TT , or a pair of 8s , or a set which i think he would have played more strongly on flop. His weak raise is prolly a " i want you to fold cheaply raise" rather than building up the pot with his good hand. I think maybe even a reraise on flop with 2 overcards + nutflush draw would be a good play here , he can only call that with a set. By flat calling his raise you will usually not get your outs on the turn and have to fold to his bet. On the other hand now that you got it , you extracted extra 100$ from him. Not sure which line would be more profitable there. Turn push is good imo because now only a set beats you , and also if you flat call him and you dont get your outs on the river , it will be a tough call if he puts you all in. Pot will be 386$ and your stack will be 260.
      Against the very aggresive player that you describe i think either flop or turn push are both good.
    • Puschkin81
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      Thanks undercover! :)

      @ vladnz: I play at NL50/100/200/400 depending on my bankroll and my mood. My PartyPoker screenname is Puschkin207.
      Have fun watching me ;)

      Good luck at the tables!