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      Hi guys. Im Ivana and I heard about this free capital from my work friend that lives really near me. ( I also played on some other poker platforms with my deposited money but more like for fun <100$). So as I heard for this,I registered,passed a quiz and entered full tilt platform (on wich i never played before). Im already waiting for starting deposit 48+ hours but nothing happend. I'm working in real and this is more like for fun (maybe i deposit some money also) but I don't have much time to deal with this so I readed some threads and i saw if I wait more then 48 hours I should post it here. I hope u don't need my ID to check,but I have scanner so if really needed.. Thx for any help :)
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      You could also try to ask support by clicking the help tab.
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      Hello BlackHawkoo3,

      Welcome to Pokerstrategy and the Forums!

      The starting capital can take up to 96 WORKING hours (with id check) to get to you. But there are also some things you can check.

      -Have you received an id check through the mail? Please check your inbox as well as your junk mail as well. If you have then please send a copy of the requested id to security@pokerstrategy.com
      More info on id checks can be found at: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/idcheck/

      -Are you sure you have entered all your details correct on your poker platform, and on your profile page? Please remember that you have to put the name of your account here: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/profile/
      Also make sure that you enter the pokerstrategy bonus/marketing code otherwise your account wont be linked and the money wont be transfered.

      -Finally please check your Tickets from support as they may have tried to contact you with a query. You can also create tickets using this feature to ask support about your capital.

      Hope all this will help.

      Best of luck in your coming poker career!

      Best regards,