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      Hello can anyone explain me the FTOPS Challenges stuff how its is work and so one.. i think i am done some stuff... but nothing shows?

      Second: What gives if you get the MMT & SNG Leaderboards? What is the bonuses and so one:D

      Third: And here is my last accomplishments:

      ID/ Start Time Name/ Buy-in/ Entrants/ Position/ Won
      1)121046358/Nov 28 13:09ET/$1 + $0.20 Sit & Go/$1.00 + $0.20/27/1/$10.80
      2)120696910/Nov 28 00:06ET/$2 + $0.20 Tournament/Six Handed/$2.00+$0.20/475/9/$17.10
      3)120924028/Nov 27 22:43ET/$1 + $0.20 Sit & Go/$1.00 + $0.20/9/2/$2.70
      4)120312774/Nov 26 12:43ET/Round 1 Freeroll/Freeroll/10,000/1

      And of course PokersStras best result so far.
      And now i am one step closer to 2010 PCA

      And can any pro give me some tips?
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