Bankroll problem for a FT 50+5 Satellite

    • alexgrapid
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      I decided to take a shot at the 50+5 sup satellite to 215$ 750 Guarantee on FT ,so i registered for 12 $ and i qualified to the 50+5 now I dont know if I should play this or not because my bankroll is small, around 250$ and 50$ would be good to my bankroll,but I also think that I could qualify and get 215.That's my dillema and i also need to specify that I know that registering to 12 $ satellite was wrong according to Bankroll mangement.Thank you and I hope someone could help me .

      P.S. At the 50+5 satellite 1 place out of 4 qualifies.Have a nice day .
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi alexgrapid,

      Firstly congrats on your win, nice result.

      I personally would always take the cautious route and take the $T. You could even allow yourself another shot at the $12 sat if you wanted, but I wouldn't blow the whole lot on just one tournament/satellite.

      The trouble with going beyond BRM is that you are risking a large proportion of your bankroll on what is basically the turn of a card.
      Variance will always hit when you least expect it and your AA will get crushed by a donkey etc.
      Much better to split it and play 5x or more tournaments trying to win 2 or 3, than putting everything into just 1x tournament.
      Most successful players have built up their BR by grinding out the micro limits and slowly moving up.

      Each to their own though. Good luck with whatever you decide.

      Best regards,

    • alexgrapid
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      I followed your advice and split the 55 dollars for smaller BI ,and I won another 55,and some other smaller sit and goes my bankroll is now at 300 dollars .Now i can take a shot at 215$ ,if i win i will unregister with no question and withdraw something.Thank you for your advice .Good luck ,
    • pokermyth
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      I have won a few seats to big tornaments, even do my BR should not allow me to play in them i always take the change. I feel i learn allot playing in the bigger tornament. The smaller tornament you need allot of luck to get through the Big bankrolls that go alling with nothing and beat your AA and KK with 72. So i would say go for it and enjoy.
    • fun101rockets
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      i would unregister and clear the t$ using superturbo hu or something. even with my br i am uncomfortable playin 55 satellites
    • alexgrapid
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      Thank all of you for your opinions ,I won the 55$ satellite and unregistered and took the cash so my bankroll is now at 480$ I think I will cashout about 130$ and play Turbos 6.50$ .Byee
    • Waiboy
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      Nice lottery win - congrats!!!

      From here on in though - BRM!!!!
    • excelgeo
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      dont do these turbos

      they are too hard

      play normal sng or try more satellites even.

      satellite challenge is pretty good on ftp