Incomplete Raise

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      Quick question to confirm that I'm not losing the plot...

      Playing in the local beach bar's fortnightly 40-seat sit n go (NL Hold'em) last night and the following situation arose:-

      With eight seated at our table and the blinds at 50/100, UTG raised all-in with his remaining 130 chips. Next to act announced "call" and then tried to place 200 chips into the pot. I told him he couldn't do this as he'd said he was calling and he said that this WAS a call but that because the minimum raise was 100, he had to call that and not the 130 chips the original raiser had bet.
      I said I was sure he was wrong and that he was probably getting mixed up with the full-bet rule which applies to all-ins of less than the BB where he would still have to call the BB.
      One other guy agreed with me but three others agreed with him (the rest weren't sure) so we called the tournament director over to the table and he agreed with me. This was accepted but the other guy continued to say that he was certain that he was correct.
      I didn't want to get into a lengthy argument about it at the time so I let it lie but the fact is I have spent five years working as a support rep in online poker (quite apart from playing regularly for many years) and I feel certain I was correct.
      Could somebody please confirm this for me? Or, if needs be, tell me I was wrong!

      Thanks in advance.
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