Loosing online.

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      I think I know why I am never successful in online poker where as I am really successful playing in real life cash games.

      I always play and build a reputation as a loose player, I raise with nothings, I bluff with nothings and occasionally I show my bluffs. People call me, and give me action. Im just good at switching gears and going from kinda loosey, to tight-solid.

      But online, I build my reputation. People start calling me with mid and bottom pairs and hit full houses or trips or one card flush's or weird two pair.

      Today I was playing a game, I was only in a couple hands and I showed a bluff with 3-5suited.

      a few hands later. This guy raises, (doubles the blind). I call A-5 Off suit in dealer position, everyone else folds.

      Flop comes 2-3-4, He raises 3$ i raise 9$, he calls. Turn comes 7. He pushes.

      I think for a second, He couldn't be playing 5-6, I think a lil more, maybe he's slow playing a straight? I decide I cant let it go. He shows me 4-7, two pair.

      And of course, River is a 7.

      And whats even more, He says to me " sometimes straights are not enough. "

      I think online cash games are not just for me. Grinding 6 games online for a couple hours, making nothings. Playing in life, Easy cash's above 600$.

      Its a sick world, the full tilt world.
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