[NL2-NL10] 2 pair

    • buhhy
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      My mind was screaming set and to fold but I just couldn't.

      $0.03/$0.06 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG Merelee ($5.87)
      UTG+1 INSTSTAR ($10.24)
      CO pony19 ($6.92)
      BTN taksegram ($2.83)
      SB einmaleins ($8.30)
      BB Hero ($5.57)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.09, 6 players) Hero is BB J:diamond: 10:heart:
      1 fold, INSTSTAR calls $0.06, pony19 raises to $0.12, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.06, INSTSTAR calls $0.06

      Flop: J:heart: 10:club: 4:diamond: ($0.39, 3 players)
      Hero checks, INSTSTAR checks, pony19 bets $0.24, Hero raises to $0.96, INSTSTAR folds, pony19 calls $0.72

      Turn: A:heart: ($2.31, 2 players)
      Hero bets $1.68, pony19 raises to $4.08, Hero goes all-in $4.49, pony19 calls $0.41

      River: 6:club: ($11.29, 2 players, 1 all-in)

      Final Pot: $11.29
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    • davecc
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      You need to bet that flop, 25-30 cents is a good amount. I would bet the turn again for value. If I got re-raised on the turn after betting the flop it would be a tough choice either way, I think it would depend on who I was playing.
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      I think flop c/r is fine if poney19 usually doesn't min3bet, he likely has stuff like QQ+/AK that he'll usually bet and call a raise with, so it's the fastest way to get the stacks in. Turn is ugly because it should scare QQ-KK, AA beats you and AK hands don't always c-bet/call the flop raise. Still, AA is rare and if you think he can show up with AK there going broke is fine, otherwise it's a fold.

      If poney19 is min3betting a whole bunch of crap then you should just go broke without overthinking it, either by leading or by check/raising.

      Hope it helps.