What is a good win rate at NL2

    • Nastypasty
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      Hi folks, I am interested to know what a good win rate would be if you were playing NL2 (BSS @ 0.01/0.02)

      I can appreciate most of you are no longer playing down here on these levels, but as I am getting started it would be good to get some advice.

      I used to play SnGs on Mansion but am now trying my hand at cash, and am going to start from the beginning and see what happens.

      I am using BSS playing NL2 on pokerstars.

      I know you may laugh but I am tracking this using Hold Em Manager.

      My current stats are ok I think, but im not sure how to judge it or what to use to evaluate myself.

      I have these figures from Holdem Manager: Hands played so far 1958, $won 11.66 ($EV 14.35 - what does this mean? And why is it different from $won?) $/hour = $1.12, so not exactly enough to quit my job for. What other indicators are good to use to determine how I am doing?

      I am playing 17.5/12.3/3.3 - Is that too loose? Too tight? Too aggressive? Any comments?

      But I mean, what stat should I be looking at to say, "you know what, im doing well"?

      Any help would be welcome
      Thank you
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    • taavi1337
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      Originally posted by Nastypasty
      But I mean, what stat should I be looking at to say, "you know what, im doing well"?
    • buhhy
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      Don't worry about perfect stats. Just adapt to your table, tight if they're loose, loose if they're tight. And yes bb/100 is a good indicator, though 2k hands is not a big enough sample size. I've been able to attain 30bb/100 over 14k hands though I heard it's possible to get > 60bb/100 at those stakes.
    • SallaMC
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      BB/100 hands is the best indicator, since $/hour does not indicate the number of tables you play. If you play less than 8 tables, Your win rate should be OK for a beginner though. I recommend 2-4 tables though, until you feel confident. I personally never played more than 8during my NLH BSS time, but I know people that play 12, some claim that they can play 20.
      Apart from that I would say tight is right on the micros.
      Good luck!
    • Zervin311
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      The *Claim* part makes it sound like you don't beleive it :P Personally I mailed poker stars and I can now play 32 tables.
    • Skeat
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      I just went through NL2 and NL5 BSS @ pokerstars, you might want to check my blog ^^

      At NL2 I'd say just play tight abc poker, really straightforward, value bet with good hands and dont invest in bluffs that much.

      At NL2 and NL5 I had a winrate of 10~25bb/100.
    • Dendra
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      24is not hard, even more if possible on ps but not sadly :( nl bss that is, though better start with 4- 9max in the beginning :P